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What are Delta 9o Sauces?

Delta 9o, also commonly called D9o, is an acetate version of Delta 9 THC and completely legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. And we’ve combined it with our signature sauces, also called concentrates. Inside each sauce is 95% D9o and 5% strain specific terpenes, creating the purest and practically perfect form of Delta 9 THC once the D9o is processed through the body.

D9o is a unique cannabinoid in that it is metabolized in the liver before consumers begin to feel the effects of it. When consumed, D9o goes through the digestive system and into the liver, where the body naturally breaks down the acetyl group attached to the end of the molecule. Once this acetyl group is detached, pure and potentially more potent Delta 9 THC is left behind. The body then interacts with Delta 9 THC as it would any other cannabis products. 3chi near me

Its important to note that Delta 9o is federally legal whereas Delta 9 THC from cannabis plants and cannabis flower is federally illegal – though some states have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana for adults. This makes D9o preferable to straight Delta 9 THC products.

Effects of Delta 9o

Like all cannabinoids, there are positive and negative effects after consuming – the same can be said for Delta 9o. We’ve gathered consumer reviews to help learn about the anecdotal evidence, or the evidence that can’t necessarily be measured with a number but more of an overall feeling or experience.

Positive Effects

D9o products can create a wide variety of potential benefits for people. Some of the commonly reported effects include:

  • Boosted mood
  • Calming sensation
  • Relief from aches
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased want for food

Side Effects

However, because D9o products are structurally similar and interact with the human body in the same way as Delta 9 THC, there are some negative or unwanted side effects. These can be off-putting for some people and occur to a varying degree in each individual. There have been some uncommon reactions reported, but D9o effects typically wear off after you sleep. Some potential side effects could include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry, red, and/or itchy eyes
  • Worried/clouded thoughts

Delta 9o Product Information

Each container of D9o weights 2 grams and contains 95% pure D9o oil and 5% of strain specific terpenes of your choice. This coordinates with the flavors of the sauces listed. Thanks to the test results from independent, third-party laboratories, we can guarantee that there is no VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or other harsh chemicals or cutting agents added to our D9o sauces.

This creates a very pure and very concentrated cannabis product. Most people have reported that sauces come in higher concentrations because of the way they are consumed through a dab rig. If you aren’t accustomed to concentrated cannabinoid products, D9o sauces may be harsh on your throat. Take small amounts when you first begin and increase as you begin to feel the effects.

Product Description

  • Description: 2-gram pure D9o oil
  • Serving Size: one dab
  • Servings per sauce container: varies depending on size of serving dab
  • Container: plastic with screw on plastic top
  • Ingredients: D9o oil and strain-specific terpenes of your choice

Dosing Delta 9o

There are no established dosing guidelines for D9o. If you use D9o, it should be considered experimental and you should clear your use of D9o with a physician before using, especially if you have pre-existing conditions or take any prescriptions. When vaping D9o for the first time, start with a single 1-3 second inhale and then wait 30-60 minutes to determine tolerance.

If eating D9o, start with 1/3 to 1/2 your dose of Delta 9 THC. D9o can feel like the combined effects of both inhalable and edible Delta 9 THC products to some, which can be overwhelming to inexperienced users, especially if taken in too large of quantities. T

Delta 9o Testing Standards

Delta 9o and other related acetate products are typically manufactured in a lab. However, the process can sometimes make a compound called acetic anhydride. All D9o products must be tested for this compound. The recommended safety levels are <5 ppm. It is very important that all D9o products meet these guidelines. All Reefer’s Bay D9o products are lab tested both in-house and by an accredited, independent third-party laboratory to be <5 ppm acetic anhydride. This keeps our products safe for you during the production process and our verified lab-tested results are displayed proudly for each product.