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Buying a Delta 8 Tincture

Here at 3CHI, we offer the best of the best when it comes to hemp derived products and out Delta 8 tinctures are no exception. There can be a lot of different products that need a little bit more explanation. Welcome to the world’s finest selection of Delta 8 tinctures read on to learn more about potential health benefits.

What Are Delta 8 Tinctures?

But before we go into detail about our smooth and fast acting tinctures, it’s important to establish what Delta 8 THC is. Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid found in hemp plants that creates psychoactive effects similar to Delta 9 THC, the main cannabinoid in marijuana that creates the stereotypical high after consumption. While Delta 8 THC creates some of the same effects as Delta 9, the main cannabinoid in marijuana, it happens to a lesser and almost more controllable degree, according to consumers. Delta 8 like any product from a cannabis plant interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system works to create a sense of balance across the entire body. There are two types of receptors in the endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2. Delta 9, sometimes referred to as simply THC, interacts mostly with CB1 receptors, which create the psychoactive and euphoric experience. CBD, another popular cannabinoid, interacts with CB2, which is more in the immune system and standard body functions with no psychoactive effects. Delta 8 is unique in that it interacts with both CB1 and CB2 receptors, so it creates psychoactive effects and interacts with standard body functions, like the best of both worlds in one cannabinoid.

Additional Information On Delta 8 Tinctures

Now that we have established what Delta 8 is, let’s take a look at tinctures. Most tinctures are a fast acting liquid that is typically consumed orally by placing a few drops under the tongue and holding it there for about a minute before swallowing. This allows the Delta 8 in the tinctures to enter the bloodstream quicker, where the effects can begin to happen sooner, than say with edibles, which have to go through the body’s digestive system before any Delta 8 THC enters the bloodstream. To keep the tincture a liquid, Delta 8 and other cannabinoids are added to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to keep the product a liquid and easy to dose. The cannabis industry has also created their own version of a cannabis tincture that works in a similar way. Instead of coming from the hemp plant, cannabis companies use the cannabis plant to create their tinctures.

Are Delta 8 THC Tinctures Legal?

YES! Delta 8 THC tinctures are federally legal cannabis products, they are a psychoactive substance under the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill was passed by Congress and signed into law by former President Trump. Under this bill, industrial hemp became legal, and was defined as a final product that contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC and is hemp-derived, which seems like trace amounts and wouldn’t do much, but even that small amount of Delta 9 THC packs a punch. Delta 8 THC products, including our Delta 8 tincture blends, fall under this definition for cannabis. For products that are derived from the cannabis plant and contain more than 0.3% of Delta 9, those products are considered to be marijuana and remain illegal on the federal level, despite several states legalizing its recreational and medical use. In 2019, 3CHI became the first company to introduce Delta 8 to the hemp industry, where it has boomed and expanded to hundreds of products and various brands, though none are as pure and potent as 3CHI.

Ways to Consume Tinctures

But putting drops of the tincture under your tongue isn’t the only way you can consume Delta 8 THC tinctures. Other ways consumers have reported consuming tinctures is by adding a few drops into a drink, such as a coffee. The stronger tasting drink will cover up the taste of the tincture, which is usually an oil base so the tinctures stay in a liquid form.

Tincture Blends

Because of the medium of tinctures, it’s easier to create blends of cannabinoids within tinctures. For example, 3CHI offers a Delta 8 THC and CBN mixture, called Comfortably Numb. This top seller is said to create a relaxing experience consumers have said helps them fall asleep. 3CHI offers other blends of Delta 8 tinctures that include focused blends to help consumers feel a certain way, such as:

  • Happy
  • Focus
  • Calm
  • Soothe

Effects of Delta 8 THC Tinctures

Each individual reacts to Delta 8 differently, so how it will affect you specifically is hard to tell. However there are common reactions consumers report after taking Delta 8. Those include:

  • Relaxation
  • Mood boost
  • Calming
  • Increased creativity
  • Relief from aches

These effects can be changed or manipulated with other full-spectrum cannabinoids or blends. In addition to Delta 8 THC focused blends, 3CHI offers a line of other cannabinoids in tincture blends. These blends don’t have THC in them, but offer some of the same benefits, like relaxation and a mood boost.


CBD is another popular, full spectrum cannabinoid that offers the same benefits of Delta 8 THC without the psychoactive effects. 3CHI offers a blended tincture similar to the Delta 8 blends, that offer Happy, Focus, Soothe, and Calm, while also creating a sleep CBD tincture with CBN, similar to the Delta 8 Comfortably Numb Tinctures. These are said to help more with creating a sense of Zen and balance in the body. That’s what consumers report after consuming our CBD blends.


Known to create a sleepy or tired effect after consumption, CBN is the cannabinoid combined with either Delta 8 to create our Comfortably Numb blend or with CBD to create the Sleep tincture blend. CBN is a natural cannabinoid that is said to help with sleep and relaxation, making it a fan favorite here at 3CHI.


This positive cannabinoid is said to help calm down swelling in muscles or joints but no official research has been conducted yet. There is simply anecdotal evidence, which people report benefits of CBG after consuming it in various forms, including our CBG:CBD tincture.


The final cannabinoid that 3CHI offers in a tincture is CBC. In unofficial research, CBC is said to help with brain neurons but nothing can be said for certain. Consumers have reported similar effects to both CBD and CBG when it comes to effects, so it is also a positive tincture many have said helps them get through their day for various reasons.

Dosing Delta 8 THC Tinctures

The Delta 8 THC tincture dose can seem confusing initially when you open the bottle for the first time. It’s a dropper that goes to 1 mL. However, that makes things super easy when it comes to finding your perfect tincture dose. Generally speaking, half a dropper is about the same as one serving. It is easy to determine what dosage you want because you can clearly see how much Delta 8 tincture is in the dropper. Even if you can see the amount of tincture, there are other factors that can affect your experience, including metabolism, previous consumption, and weight. It’s always best to start low and slowly increase. If you feel comfortable with half a mL, then stick with that dose. If you are hoping for something stronger, we recommend waiting 30-60 minutes before taking another small amount of tincture. It can take some time for you to feel the effects so it’s better to take things slow rather than taking a lot and not having a good experience later on.

How Long Does The Effects Of Delta 8 Tincture Last?

When it comes to Delta 8 lasting in your body, it heavily depends on your metabolism, weight, previous consumption and other body factors. On average, after consuming a Delta 8 THC tincture dose, individuals say they feel the effects for two to four hours, even though it takes about 45 to 60 minutes to begin to feel the effects. This is a slightly quicker time than edibles, but not as strong or long-lasting. After consuming Delta 8 THC, the THC metabolite can stay in your bloodstream anywhere from two to six weeks. For those who don’t consume Delta 8 regularly, the body tends to filter out the cannabinoid quicker than those who consume Delta 8 regularly or in larger doses. Those individuals will have THC in their body for a longer period of time.

The 3CHI Difference

We are the pioneers and industry leaders when it comes to hemp derived cannabinoids, like Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, CBD, and more. We continue to offer the best because everyone deserves the best without having to break the bank. We constantly create the best hemp products on the market, and we’ve got the awards to prove it.

We Offer the Safest, Purest, and Most Potent Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, and Hemp Derived Products

At 3CHI we only use high quality natural and organic hemp. We also have some of the most advanced and capable cannabis R&D in the industry. 3CHI CBD and THC products deliver uncompromising potency and purity, earning the highest quality lab testing results across all leading brands. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .