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Delta-8 is an extremely important cannabinoid and can serve as a more functional substitute for Delta 9 THC.

Delta 9 THC has a fair amount of negative side effects: addiction, sleep issues, paranoia, anxiety, laziness, etc. In comparison, Delta 8 THC seems to have none, or at least far less severe side effects.

This is an enormous benefit for the many individuals who we are helped medicinally by Delta 9 THC, but do not enjoy the side effects.

Additionally, Delta 8 THC may have built-in protection against abuse. Those who consume excessive amounts of D8 THC can build a tolerance to the mental “high” very quickly. So individuals wanting to consume D8 THC consistently in a recreational manner are forced to do so responsibly. This effect doubles as a benefit for those who use THC medicinally daily and need to be functional as they may be able to completely remove the “high” feeling altogether while still getting the relief they need.